Time & Place Where Sustainable Use Of Silicon Encouraged

The time and the place is Silicon Valley, out in California, the US of A. It is probably one of the most industrialized spaces on earth. And yet it is here that you will more than likely not hear more than a murmur. Because by this time, this deep into the 21st century, pretty much most of the industry being applied is (computer) software based. But even when processing and finishing up silicon sheets or cylinders, noise levels will probably be low.

pick and place

This might have something to do with the industrial business’s efficiencies of purpose. The machinery being used for pick and place stages of the work should be sleek and quite advanced in terms of the technologies being utilized. This is what it is like during what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, way, way far apart from the First Industrial Revolution, and not just in years. Pick and place practice, you could just say, is a case of nitpicking.

And a case of placing pretty much everything in the correct order, as specified exactly, usually by the industrial client. What does such processing work essentially entail? Basically, it is a defined set of quality control or quality assurance procedures. No single silicon sheet, cone or cylinder leaves the factory floor until it has been thoroughly vetted by the quality assurance agent. From the very first inspection of incoming silicon wafers.

To the very last check before the newly refreshed wafers are shipped out to their industrial clients, you could expect up to half a dozen QC or QA procedures. It is meticulous attention to detail. High standards are being set and maintained in order to ensure that every bit of raw material or finished product reaches the client in one hundred percent perfect condition.